I Chose to try CBD oil – Will You?

Who am I?

My name is Shirley Dawson.  I live in the Ozark Mountains of NW Arkansas in the U.S. with my husband and my giant schnauzer dog, Boaz.

I’m in a wheelchair due to degenerative discs in my back and Fibromyalgia.  I’ve been in the wheelchair since the fall of 2014 when I had a severe bout of Diabetic feet and leg ulcers.  That was a very painful 8-month adventure.  Yes, I am a type 2 diabetic and have neuropathy pain from diabetes also.

Pain relief has been difficult to find, especially since my family doc will not prescribe pain killers for chronic pain suffers.  I understand, but it makes my life very hard sometimes.  I’ve tried ice, heating pads, jet baths, physical therapy, various rub on pain relievers and over the counter extra-strength Tylenol.  I’m on a blood thinner for another disorder, so I do not use Motrin or Advil.

I’ve finally resorted to natural pain relievers also.  I use Tumeric and I have tried other natural supplements like alpha-lipoic acid, curcumin, fish oil, ginger, resveratrol, and anything I can find that will reduce inflammation in my body.  I eat a clean diet, lower carb with good meats and veggies and good oils like extra virgin olive oil and avocados and have reduced my bread and sugar intake a lot.

However, I periodically will get sciatic pain down my left leg and hip that is very severe.  When this is going on, I can’t get comfortable in my bed, my the recliner, my wheelchair, or anywhere unless I go to the pool and float.

Last year, my sciatic pain was flaring up so bad I couldn’t rest or even straighten my left leg.  I had read about CBD oil from the hemp plant and purchased a bottle.  I took several drops that night and the next day I took more drops in the morning and then at noon.  About that time (noon), I got in my recliner again and was shocked!  I realized I had no hip or sciatic pain down my leg.  I could straighten out my leg also.  I was ecstatic!  My PAIN WAS GONE!

Of course, I was pretty happy, in fact, I loved the CFTO (Change The Future Outcome) CBD oil so much, I became a distributor myself.  I mostly use the Pure 10X CBD oil drops, but I’m also trying some of the other products like the bath bombs which I enjoy also and others to see how they work for me.  I’ve been thinking about getting the hair growth products to see if they will make my hair thicker.

You can click on the links to these products and see them in my shop.  You can sign up as a new customer and purchase them yourself at a great price.  CTFO has some of the most reasonable pricing I’ve found.  Certainly not cheap, but none of the better quality CBD products are cheap.

Here’s a direct link to my ONLINE SHOP.  Check it out.  You can also read more of my articles I will be publishing to this site about CBD and the CTFO products.


I love to get comments and questions from my site visitors, please leave yours below.  Also, if you like my articles, please share them with your friends. -Shirley

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8 thoughts on “I Chose to try CBD oil – Will You?”

  1. Shirley I feel like I know you well but there are things you shared here that I did not know. Thank you for sharing your story. I am so glad that you found relief through CBD. As I recall, you were buying your CDB through Amazon and had no part in the CBD business. This is a huge testament to the benefits you gain from CBD since your motive had nothing to do with selling or making money. Once again I am inspired and encouraged by your story. I do hope some will take you up on the offer to go look. Did Amazon offer a 100% money-back guarantee as CTFO does?

    1. Yes Carl, I had purchased other CBD product brands via Amazon and in local stores. However, when I began using the CTFO brand, I was hooked – it works so well for me. You are right that my initial motivation was for personal pain relief. Now, because of my own personal experience, I want to “Shout” out to a hurting world that just maybe CTFO products can help others also – just try and see. Thanks again Carl for your comment -Shirley

  2. Dear Shirley,

    Your story is amazing!

    I’ve tried CBD oil from CTFO for my own health issues. It helped me greatly to get rid of brain fog, gain back my short-term memory, my ability to focus and concentrate, manage exhaustion and restore my energy levels, live through the day without needing a long nap, and sleep well again at night. All these issues occurred when my thyroid failed to produce enough hormone. Thyroid hormone replacement therapy helped to bring my blood test results back to normal range, but my symptoms did not go away until I started taking full-spectrum CBD oil.

    When it worked so well and I recognized myself in my body again, I tried several other CTFO products for other less frightening issues, such as occasional muscle and joint pain and skin inflammation. All of them were very helpful and like you, I became a marketer for CTFO. I am currently using 10xPure CBD oil, Deep healing cream with Emu oil and CBD, CBD skincare products, and recently ordered non-CBD Extreme Shake for my husband.

    Several people asked me about CBD oil for sciatic pain. I’ve heard from other people that it works well, but luckily, I don’t have personal experience with sciatic pain. Your story gives me even more assurance to recommend CTFO CBD oils to my friends who suffer from this type of pain.

    I am so glad to hear that your pain is now manageable, thanks to CBD oil.

    Be well,
    ~ Julia

    1. Thanks Julia for visiting my site and your comment. I can’t say enough good things about how CBD has improved the quality of my life. I was at the point of despair actually trying to bear up under the severe sciatic pain each day. I could not find a position that was comfortable enough to rest. CTFO’s 10XPURE 500 MG CBD oil drops was a “blessing” for me to find. I’m now upgrading to using the 10XPURE SUPER GOLD 1000 drops for even faster pain relief. Thanks for you comment again. -Shirley

  3. Hi Shirley, I am so happy that you have found relief for your pain. I to have a degenerate disc in my lower back and struggle with back pain from time to time. I will definitely have to try CBD oil. Thank you for sharing your story.

    1. Tim, thanks for your visit to my site and your comment. I truly do recommend CTFO’s 10XPURE cbd oil drops. They have helped me so much. It is amazing when my sciatic pain is acting up and I take the CBD oil drops. Usually around the 3rd dose, I begin to feel much, much better. I hope you do try the drops and it helps you as much as it helps me. Thanks again. -Shirley

  4. Hi Shirley,

    I have been reading and hearing about CBD oil a lot these days. To be frank I am hearing mixed opinions some say it is fantastic, some say be careful with the usage. I know my relative who is suffering from arthritis and is using CBD oil – I wanted to know from you can CBD oil be used as a substitute for standard care. Especially, in the case of chronic inflammatory conditions like arthritis, for instance, chronic inflammation that can lead to joint damage (causing destruction and disability) if the condition is not effectively managed?

    Would love to know your opinion on this ?

    1. Hi there, thanks for visiting my site and for your comment. I have inflammatory conditions myself (fibromyalgia, asthma, degenerative discs in my back) and I take the CTFO brand of CBD products. They help me, especially the sciatic pain I have sometimes. I would say research the brand and be sure they offer full-spectrum and have independent labs test their products. https://sdawson.myctfo.com/documentation.html Thanks again for reading my post. -Shirley

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