How to make money selling CBD oil products


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NOTE:  This post contains affiliate links, which, when clicked on and a product purchased, I receive a small commission (with no increase in cost to you).

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CBD oil is an exploding market

According to the Brightfield Group, sales of hemp-derived CBD products almost doubled to $170 million in 2016.  Experts have already suggested that it will become a billion-dollar market by 2020 or 2021.

Perhaps this is a market you may be interested in.  Especially if you are wanting to bring in extra income part-time and from home.

This is certainly an amazing opportunity for YOU!

Join for Free & receive a free website, back office, training, support plus much more. Sell CBD Oils, Creams, Sprays for Pain Relief from many Health Issues. We also have a great CBD Skin Care Line…under eye bags gone in a few minutes, wrinkle filler & more. Last but not least, we also have Weight Loss products! There are tons of people wanting to buy our products.

SO don’t miss out and let this opportunity slip by … I will show you step by step how to succeed just like my Team does! This is NOT a get rich quick or scam.  In time, you can make 5,6 or even 7 digits income! Consider that and then join my team right NOW!

For myself, I’ve found that having an online CBD product store works out great for my personal situation.  I have no costs to operate my online store, I do not have to handle product delivery – the CBD manufacturer does all that.  I simply promote my brand of CBD products online, in social media and to my friends and acquaintances.

I do this with the CTFO (Changing The Future Outcome” brand of CBD products.

Business Insider agrees that the CBD oil market size will rise to $2.1 billion by 2020. Based on the data, CTFO is prepared to follow the market rise and help other interested individuals enjoy the plusses of this upcoming billion-dollar industry. With this background, CTFO enables you to take your position as an associate without any payments – it is free to join as an associate.

Here are some benefits to joining CTFO as an Associate:

  • CTFO is a worldwide distributor, making my potential market worldwide also.
  • You have over 70+ products that you can promote and offer to the customers of your online store.
  • CTFO was founded by network marketers, for Network Marketers
  • The founders couldn’t find any other company that stacked the odds in favor of the Associate like they do. They started CTFO in 2015 and chose to pay themselves the same way as everyone else, as Associates.  This allows the maximum amount of commissions to be paid out to us as Associates and the products are of the highest quality, yet the prices are the lowest in the industry.
  • The qualifications for Associates are easy, with no gimmicks and no gotchas
  • Becoming an Associate for CTFO is free, just sign up HERE
  • CTFO has several FaceBook Groups for Associates to learn more about CTFO and its products and share with each other.
  • CTFO has weekly meetings for associates to keep up with the latest news.
  • Links to recorded corporate calls and are found in the Associates only CTFO Facebook groups.
  • Every customer has a 60-day guarantee for their purchased product – which is great and takes the risk away for your customers.

CTFO’s Commission Plan

With the method the CTFO compensation plan works, the customer is placed in an Associate’s Matrix and on their 1st level in the unilevel. There are no fees for anyone to become a CTFO Associate. All CTFO Associates automatically qualify for a payout of 20% of the CV (Commission Volume) on Wednesday of the week following any order. While it is unlikely a Customer will ever share their site, they can, and if they do, the Customer makes 20% of the CV when someone else orders.

Customers are going to LOVE the CTFO CBD products; they probably will want to let others know about it. However, they cannot get paid in any other part of the compensation plan. If a customer wants to become an Associate, they just need to contact support. It is brilliant what CTFO offers by allowing people to sign up as a Customer with these benefits. Both your Customer and you win big time. It is basically a WIN/WIN for everyone

CTFO Customer Testimonies:

CTFO has an entire Facebook group dedicated to sharing customer testimonies that is available to Independent Associates


Hi guys! I just recently placed an order and signed up under my friend “Melissa”. I have been watching a few friends that have tried using CBD oils. I ordered the deep healing cream and the anti-stress spray. I have several issues that I wanted to see if using the products would help. I was skeptical and hesitant for sure. Yesterday I had spent most of the day with severe sinus headaches and had been having neck pain for almost two weeks. I had tried using essential oils and vapor rub to help (I don’t like taking meds) but nothing was working. The mail came and my first order had arrived. Thank goodness!!! I opened my deep healing cream and rubbed it on my neck and head. Within an hour I was up and cleaning and haven’t had a headache OR neck pain since. I also have been recovering from breaking my leg in January. I rubbed the cream around my break and I can tell a difference. My pain was minimal which is a huge change! My husband even just used it on his knee and the pain left right away.I am excited to get the oil in next week. I have spent years and so much money trying to find relief from pain, anxiety and stomach issues. Nothing I’ve tried has really helped me. I am already so impressed with the cream. I’m excited to try the oil! – Jenny

Skin Blemish Relief
Daily Facial Cleanser!

This face wash is AMAZING! As a lazy face washer I couldn’t ask for a better product!

After 5 days of use, huge blemishes are completely gone (normally they would be there for at least 2 weeks) and the cysts that were under my skin are almost completely dissolved and not painful at all!

I highly recommend this product! – Laura

Deep Healing Pain Cream w/Emu Oil & Hip Pain

My personal testimonial today!! ?
This deep healing pain cream is the BOMB!!
I’ve used doctor recommended, Chinese herbs and OTC pain creams … But this CBD Deep Healing Pain Cream with Emu Oil took my hip pain away, which has been bothering me for a few months now. I asked my hubs to rub it on for me last night, sitting all day it was hurting. I also had a head pain that seemed to be all across my forehead. I put the pain cream on my forehead while he rubbed it into my hip. Within minutes I felt the tension release in my head, I could relax. And my hip, since I was in bed I couldn’t tell if the pain went away last night. But this morning I feel like I never had any hip pain!!! And that’s after only one-time use! I’m doing a happy dance. I can’t even believe how amazing these products work!! – Chantel

Why Wait, Join NOW!

Simply fill out the online form now and I will mentor you.

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I enjoy getting questions and comments from my site visitors, please leave your below.  Also, share this post with your friends who may be interested in a fun part-time online business opportunity. -Shirley

NOTE:  This post contains affiliate links, which, when clicked on and a product purchased, I receive a small commission (with no increase in cost to you).

10 thoughts on “How to make money selling CBD oil products”

  1. Hi Shirley,

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful opportunity with your readers. It’s truly incredible because there is no risk involved. I’ve joined because I loved CTFO products and because it was free to enroll. I love the fact that an associate can earn either a little or a lot of money and there is no way to lose.

    By now I know how good and effective CTFO products are, but if new customers and associates buy a product and it doesn’t meet their expectations (on a rare occasion it may happen as we all are different), they have 60 days to get a refund for full product’s price even if they used up the product.

    As you said, there is no reason to wait. Everyone, who wouldn’t be bothered by some extra cash paid weekly, should join today.

    All the best,

    ~ Julia

    1. Thanks for the comment, Julia. You are so right, as an independent associate, you can do as much or little as you like in your marketing and promoting. The CTFO products will prove themselves if the customer will just try the out and as you mention, there is a 60-day guarantee which is awesome. Thanks, Julia and have a blessed day. -Shirley

  2. Hi! Thank you for sharing this article about CBD oil products and the CTFO compensation plan. It looks very interesting. As there are no deadlines to be met, so you can commit as much or little as you like. I will consider this opportunity!

    1. Margherita, thank you so much for visiting my site and reading my post. Also for the comment. Yes the compensation plan is interesting for the CTFO associates. This opportunity is pretty simple. Enroll and then share with your friends and on social media. Associates have access to several Facebook Groups to learn more about the company and the products and a large group with just testimonials.

  3. This is very interesting, Shirley.
    I was thinking about trying cbd oil for my anxiety( my friend recommended it to me ) but didn’t know much about it. This article has cleared up a lot of my confusion so thank you.
    Take care,

  4. Hi Shirley!
    Very interesting. I have heard of CTFO before, and only positive comments so far 🙂 They seem to be a good company, and I like that you can sign up for free. Besides, CBD products are amazing and very beneficial, and I am very interested in finding out more. The bullet points for CTFO you listed look great and I can tell that you are happy with this company, which is a good sign 🙂
    After having read two wonderful reviews (including this one) of CTFO, I think I will check out their website.

    1. Christine, thanks for your comment. I hope you do check out CTFO and consider becoming an associate. It is a great company, with great products for sure. And it’s easy to join as an associate also. You can join up for free right HERE
      I would be glad to mentor you. Thanks again – Shirley

  5. Impressive article! CBD is catching on quickly these days, and that is a good thing. I believe if more people wouldn’t be so self-righteous about its origins the world be a less stressful place to live. I can hardly wait to get my hands on some. Thank you for revealing this program!

    1. Cathy, thanks for visiting my site and your comment. Yes CBD is becoming a common word now and the market is growing by leaps and bounds. I hope you decide to join and sell CTFO products yourself. Please try the CTFO products, they help with anxiety also but for sure they are great as anti-inflammatories. CTFO allows their associates to sign up for free – you get your own online shop too. Think about it. Thanks again -Shirley

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